About Us

Learn about us as a brand and what our core values are and what organizations we support.

Organizational Sponser

JA Southern Alberta

We are an organization that originated under the guidance of Junior Achievement Southern Alberta which is an organization dedicated to teaching young individuals about business and helping them unleash their potential in creating products and entering the workforce. Our passion for JA resonates deeply within Esscents, as it does with countless young people across the globe who participate in JA programs in over 100 countries.

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Our Charity

Project Warmth

Our organization has proudly partnered with Project Warmth, an charity organization with a mission on assisting the homeless and the less fortunate population with clothing during the harsh winters of Alberta. Through this partnership, 15% of each purchase will be donated towards this mission, in achieving warmth to everyone that lives in Alberta.

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Our Executives

President: Timothy Zhou

VP of Information Technology: Kunal Jha

VP of Production: Betsy Ng

VP of Finance: Max Qjan

VP of Marketing: Sara Alazzam

VP of Sales: Kevin Shang

VP of Human Resources: Varij Prajapati

Our Team

Information Technology

Thor Manchul, Matthew Lim, Daniyal Khan


Dhariya Jangra, Avni Maliel, Taha Kayanu, Eliza Wojak, Rishita Rahman


Arham Hussain, Sufyan Asad, Zhilun Yu, Kate Wong


Kylan Tran, Nuha Shaikh


Barlas Salimbay, Arshpreet Singh

Human Resources

Taha Rizvi

Our Mentors

Daniel Kong, Bryan Tomlinson, Caroline Huang, Al Isha Pathan, Wasimkan Pathan